Using Virtual Machine teams

This information is no longer valid for VMware Workstation 8 and higher

With VMware Workstation you can create virtual machine teams. The benefits of teams are:

  • Power on/off all virtual machines in a team with the click of a mouse (boot order can be specified)
  • Configure networking for the entire team from one simple interface
  • While running the virtual machines switching from one vm to another is simpler
  • Constant screen output for all vm's simultaneously

Here is a screenshot of two virtual machines configured in a team. What follows is a description of how to work with virtual machine teams and some troubleshooting tips. If you have questions or suggestions please contact Rob Bastiaansen.

virtual machine team

To configure a virtual machine team in VMware Workstation you can select New -> Team from the File menu. This will open a wizard which is mostly self-explanatory. Thw wizards lets you create new virtual machines but you can also add existing virtual machines to the team. 

Some explanatoin is needed for the networking. During the creation wizard you are asked to assign LAN segments (see screenshot below). Skip this step. You will rather be using regular bridged or host-only networking.

VM team Lan Segments

The next step in the team creation wizard is network assignments. (See the screenshot below.) This is where you can assign all team members to bridged network or to a host only configuration. (If you will be using the VMNET5 network then please configure that for each team member individually.)

VM team network assignment

After the team is created you can configure it from the VMware Workstation Team menu-item. One of the interesting settings for virtual machines in a team is the boot order and boot delay. (See screenshot below.) You see that you can change the order in which the machines boot and enter a delay in seconds. Changing the default of 10 seconds to 60 seconds is a good start. But try for yourself what works best for your setup.

vm team config

After booting the team you can configure individual virtual machines by right clicking the label in the thumbnail image. You can also click the thumbnail image itself to switch to the virtual machine console.

vm team tips

Virtual machine team troubleshooting tips

You can remove virtual machines from the team in the GUI. But when you ever encounter the problem that your virtual machines was in a team and you want to run it as an individual virtual machine again you can remove this line from it's .vmx configuration file:

inVMTeam = "TRUE"